Bryce McNabb




To help videographers create award winning work and build rewarding careers.


There’s a lot of noise in our industry full of false promises and leading us into a pit. You know that pit? It’s full of debt, terrible clients, and unfulfilling projects. The problem is we have too many people telling us what to buy and not enough people showing us how to improve and grow. I could have really used a voice like that early in my career. I hope to be that voice for you.

Focus Areas


A lot of people say “story” but few define it. Understanding story structure brings clarity to your work, helping you shoot better and edit faster.


Disorganization doesn’t help your career. What we do is predictable & repeatable. Having a process frees you up to be more creative.


Contracts, marketing, sales, and finance. Doesn’t sound exciting, but to make a living doing what we love, we gotta learn to love it.


Video is a service, not a product. We need to be incredible at customer service. Make great films by making their films great.


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